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Robiola di Capra incavolata

Updated: Nov 23, 2021

La Casera di Eros Burrati - Piedmont, Italy: A trip to a remember and a cheese you won't forget.

Robiola di Capra Incavolata! Years ago, I went on a trip to visit a shop in Verbania, Italy, right on the beautiful coast of Lago Maggiore. The shop is called La Casera di Eros Burrati. I can’t say enough about the passion, knowledge and hospitality Eros and his family had. It was very hard work 😉 tasting all the aged cheese throughout his cave. When we moved to taste the fresh cheese my eyes lit up when I saw this gem. This is a pure goat milk robiola wrapped in a cabbage leaf. Wrapping cheese in leaves is a common practice in the area. It helps the cheese ward off flies, seal in moisture while ripening and impart a little flavor in the cheese. Other leaves you often see used are fig, cherry and chestnut. For me, this cheese is at its perfect ripeness in this picture, but that’s all subjective. I like a good cream line around the edge and a chalky center. I remember Eros saying he liked the cheese when the leaves were a bit brown and darker, where it was riper and runnier. If you see this cheese out there, I would highly recommend grabbing a wheel. It’s a great centerpiece on a cheese board and it’s delicious!


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