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Montgomery's Cheddar

Updated: Nov 23, 2021

The King of Cheddars. Traditional Farmstead Cheese of Somerset.

Meet Montgomery’s Cheddar! This raw cow’s milk is one of three remaining farmstead cheddars from Somerset (where cheddar originated). The Montgomery family have been churning their cheese out since 1911 and are now in their third generation of cheese making. This is what you call a clothbound cheddar, which is different from the nice lil square blocks you get in the grocery store. When the cheese is made, it is wrapped in muslin, larded and then gets aged for 12-18 months. The flavor profile is grassy, sweet and nutty with texture that is a bit more brittle and crumbly. I love this cheese and ate it quite a bit when I had the pleasure of working @nealsyarddairy . The NYD buying team visit Manor Farm every month to taste through batches with Jamie Montgomery, selecting wheels they want to sell in their shops and to their export customers. Apples and cheddar are a classic pairing and I like to drink a nice IPA or brown ale with it. Give it a go!

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